Apricus Health Launches Foundation

Apricus Health Launches the Apricus Foundation Dedicated to Making Quality Healthcare Accessible for Underserved Community Members Apricus Foundation Hosts Two Upcoming Events: The Prestigious Gala Event on October 29 and CME Educational Conference on October 30 By: Apricus Health PHOENIX – Oct. 4, 2021 – PRLog — Apricus Health, an innovative technology-enabled value-based care healthcare company, today announced the launch of the Apricus […]

Are Annual Physical Exams Necessary?

Whether you’re anxious, busy, or just plain obstinate, following the recommended routine of going to the doctor every year for an annual physical exam is harder than it sounds. Despite the myriad of excuses we’re all guilty of making, the fact remains that yearly physical exams are exceptionally important. How necessary can they possibly be, […]

Preventative Tests For Better Health

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, it is better to be proactive than struggling to combat problems that could have been prevented. A positive lifestyle can go a long way toward better health, but it is not the end-all-be-all. Sometimes, health issues can be present despite healthy habits and without noticeable symptoms. In […]

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Yearly Checkups?

The general consensus is that visiting the doctor is not people’s favorite thing. Even if you don’t dislike or outright dread going to the doctor, there is probably a list of alternative things you’d prefer to do. Unless something is noticeably wrong (and sometimes, not even then), many people will not schedule an appointment and go to […]

What To Expect At Your Annual Wellness Exam

Annual physical exams are of vital importance to your health and wellbeing. For many, though, going to the doctor is a challenge for one reason or another. So, whether you haven’t been to a yearly exam in a while or simply want a refresher, wondering what you should expect at your annual wellness exam is […]

3 ways Arizona’s healthcare community can improve senior care

BUSINESS NEWS | 13 Jul | DR. KISHLAY ANAND Senior care is a vital aspect of healthcare in Arizona that presents many potential problems. Overall, the eldercare industry in the United States is facing a shortage of caregivers which is projected to worsen as baby boomers enter their senior years. An NASEM research report noted in 2015 that there […]

Why Doctors Are Backing Away From Prescribing Daily Low-Dose Aspirin?

Why Doctors Are Backing Away from Prescribing Daily Low-Dose Aspirin For years, doctors have encouraged aging Americans to take a daily low dose (typically 81 mg) of aspirin every day to help think the blood and reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes. Low doses of aspirin are prescribed to knock out blood platelets […]

Essential Benefits Of A Digital Health Clinic

Living in good health may always be referred to as wealth as an individual’s happiness depend on it. Regular treatments and checkups help you maintain good health. The advancement in technology has led to the rise of digital clinics, which have significantly transformed healthcare. Men worldwide can now get treatment for hair loss, sexual health, […]

Five Surprising Things That Can Affect Your Physical Health

You already know many of the things that can have a big impact on your physical health. Experiencing a personal injury will definitely impact your long-term health, as will the food you eat. You probably know that sitting too much is dangerous to your health, while being exposed to germs from others will definitely increase your chances […]

How To Choose & Use A Blood Oxygen Meter

Keeping your blood oxygen levels is extremely important, which is probably why people all over the world are deciding to get their own, personal, device that can measure those levels. The device is called a blood oxygen meter, or a pulse oximeter and it can nowadays easily be found and bought almost anywhere. That, however, doesn’t […]